P1010053Carolina Ash, Water Ash, Pop Ash

Fraxinus caroliniana
Tree/shrub, Perennial
Native: L48
Blooming: March, green
Larval food for eastern tiger swallowtail. Ash seeds eaten by purple finches. Deer and rabbit eat foliage. Provides good nesting sites.
Location: N 30 00.059’w084 33.059′ (1RL)

There are two identified ash species on the creek.  Pumpkin Ash has a feathery green flower and seems to bloom before the Carolina Ash which has purple buds and from the USDA source  notes green flowers.  The photo is of the buds of the Carolina Ash.  We are however tagging it with purple, also, because this seemed to us the most noticeable bud color and we did not see it open up into blossoms.  The river was in flood stage when we took the photo and when we returned those branches were above us — we were told it was 6 feet above normal stage.    We are not sure the seed pods above are of the Carolina or the Pumpkin ash.  Next year we will have to GPS each blooming tree and return to get confirmation.   Because we did weekly trips to the creek this year from March through the end of April, we were better able to observe buds, blooms and fruiting, except for the ashes.  Although it enabled us to distinguish between the Carolina and the Pumpkin ashes.