Common buttonbush

Cephalanthus occidentalis L
Tree/shrub, Perennial
Native: L48, CAN
Blooming: May, June, white
Contains the poison Cephalathin which induces vomiting, paralysis and convulsions if eaten. Used extensively by Native Americans for medicine. Seeds eaten by waterfowl. Major source of nectar for bees, butterflies and humming birds. Larval host of hydrangea sphinx moth.
Location: N30 00.087′ W084 33.152′ (.9RL), N30 00.238′ W084 33.550′ (1.7RL), N30 00.079′ W084 33.375′ (1.3RR), N30 00.465′ W084 33.854′ (2.6RR)

In 2013 blooming did not begin till the end of May and extended into June.