Cross Vine

Bignonia capreolata L.
Vine, Perennial
Native: L 48
Blooming: March, April, May, orange
Location: Look up — this is a vine which finds sunlight by climbing the trees. N 30 00.096’W084 32.983′(.8RR), N30 00.057’W084 33.235”(1.4RL), N30 00.087’W084 33.382′(1.68RL), N30 00.437’W084 33.853′(2.3RL), N 30 00.527’W084 33.940′(2.7RR)

The plant is pollinated by hummingbirds and bumblebees.

Native Americans used various parts of the plant as medicine for: dropsy, gargle for diptheria, rheumatism, headaches and to purify the blood.

In 2013 the blooming season extended through May.