Pink Wild Azalea, Sweet Mountain Azalea

Rhododendron canescens (Michx)

Shrub, perennial

Native: L48

Blooming: Fragrant flowers appear before leaves,  March, April

One of the signature spring flowering plants of Womack Creek, the pinxter’s fragrant blossoms are attractive to bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.  Larval host for striped hairstreak and brown elfin butterflies.   Nectar source for skipper and swallowtail butterflies.    An occasional bloom may be seen in plantings in protected coves in early winter, one plant was blooming in late November and was still blooming in early January.

Location:  N 30 00.306′ W084 33.566′ (1.91RL),  N30 00.361′ W084 33.659′ (2.27RR) ,  N30.058W084.33.222(.93 RL).


There are two hues of pinxter on Womack Creek. This is the bud of the darker pink pinxster. Take 3-21-2014.



This is the bloom from the same shrub.