Swamp Dogwood, Stiff Dogwood

Cornus foemina
Native: L48
Blooming: late March, April, white

Location: N30 00.045’W084 32.993′(.8RR), N30 00.099’W084 33.422′(1.2RL), N30 00.304’W084 33.514′(1.9RR), N3o 00.490’W084 33.847′(2.6RR)
Attracts many types of bees, butterflies and moths.  Host to spring azure (Celastrina ladon) butterfly larvae and necter source.  Fruit eaten by quail, catbirds, mockingbirds, robins, brown thrashers.  Provides cover for wild life and nesting sites for song birds.
Certain native Americans groups used the root or bark for “lost voice”, fever, malaria and dried bark mixed with tobacco was also used for smoking.