P1010782Eryngium yucciflolium var. yuccifolium of Apiaceae

Forb/herb; perennial

Native: L 48

Blooming:  July, white

We have not been on the creek to see it in bloom, but in October, the spent flower heads (about 1/2 to 1 inch spheres)  are visible.  They bloom from June through September in other areas and are said to have a honey-like odor.  They should be blooming profusely then; we have seen many dried flower heads in October.  The root has been used by native Americans and early settlers for medicine.   We would love to have a photo of this in bloom — photo must be taken on Womack Creek and nowhere else.

Location: N30 00.213′,W084 32.797′(.5RL), N30 00.088′,W084 33.169′(1.26RL)


Seed clusters, photographed November 10, 2016.