IMG_6568Rosa palustris

Subshrub, perennial

Native: L 48, Canada

Blooming:  April, May, June,  pink

You will notice the fragrance of these roses before you see them when they are in full bloom throughout the creek.   The nectar attracts native bees and other pollinators, birds eat the rose hips and the plants provide cover for wildlife and nesting sites for birds.

Native Americans used the barks and/or roots for medicine for worms and dysentery.

Location:  N30 00.210′ W084 32.740′ (.4RL), N30 00.094′  W084 33.343′ (1.2RL), N30 00.364′ W084 33.626′ (2RL), N30 00.376′ W084 33.605′ (2.2 RL)