P1010114Liquidambar styraciflua L.


Native: L48

Blooming:  February, March, green

Location: N 30 00.150’W084 33.563′ (2.2RR)

Native Americans used the resin or bark for medicine for such ailments as:  diarrhea, flux, dysentery, wounds, sores, ulcers, skin sores believed to be caused by worms.  It was also used as a sedative and Spanish moss taken from this species was used to bring down fever.  The rolled, hardened sap, was placed on a dog’s nose to cure distemper. It was also used as chewing gum.  Combined with hearts-a-bustin-with-love (Euonymus americana) and summer grapes, it’s bark  made a tea.


Photographed November 10, 2016.