P1010493Nyctanassa violacea

Family:  herons, egrets, bitterns

Description:  22-27″, medium sized heron.  Adult: slate-gray, black head, white cheeks, yellow crown and plumes, black bill, yellow or orange legs. Immature: grayish brown, fineley speckled with white.

Locations:  wooded swamps and coastal thickets.

Nesting:  southern New England to Florida and west to Texas, mainly near coasts.  3-5 blue-green eggs in a nest of stocks in a tree or occasionally on the ground.

Saw a pair on 3/13/2013.   These herons are so well camouflaged they seem not to take to flight as quickly as others herons, but remain still on the branches, even when a photographer is under the tree, clicking away.