P1010431Gelsemium rankinii Small

Vine; perennial

Native: L 48

Blooming:  March, yellow

Location: N 30 00.154’W084 32.952′(.6RR), N 30 00.646’W084 34.231′(3.45RR)

This species grows in wetter sites and can be differentiated  from Carolina jessamine (Gelsimium sempervirens)  by its different shaped  sepals.  But both  brighten the early spring landscape with their bright yellow blossoms.

Gelsemium has been studied for its pharmacological use with most research on G. sempervirens.  A fact sheet published by North Carolina State University has noted that all parts of G. rankinii are poisonous with symptoms resulting from ingestion being sweating, nausea, muscular weakness, dilated pupils, lowered temperature, convulsions, respiratory failure.  The alkaloids in the plant are toxic.