May 19, 2017



Blossom stems taken April 11, 2014 on a living oak tree.












Epidendrum magnoliae Muhl var. magnoliae

Fort/herb, perennial

Native: L 48

Blooming:  January, February, green

Endangered and threatened species: Florida

Location:  Removed to prevent predation by collectors.

This is the only epiphyte orchid to grow in North Florida.  It prefers dead oak trees.  A fellow paddler saw some blooming on the Wakulla River in January 2013 and saw plants on  Econfina Creek (2013).  Please see, but don’t touch or take.  This orchid is on the endangered and threatened list for Florida.

On the far western side of Tate’s Hell on Graham Creek  two healthy stands of Green Fly orchids were seen, one on a growing cypress tree, the other on a dead cypress tree.  Dead bloom buds, indicate that it had bloomed earlier this year.  Fort Gadsden creek, another tributary of the Apalachicola River, also has healthy stands of these orchids throughout one of its branches.