Mikania scandens (L.) Willd.


Native: L 48

Blooming:  September, October, white

Location:  N 30 00 167′ W 84 32 628′ (RL .38 m), N 30 00 088′ W 84 33 142′ (1.09 RL)

Visited by skipper butterflies, gulf fritillary,  honeybees, bumble bees, hornets and other invertebrates not yet identified.  An orb-weaver spider had built a web across the vines.  Also look for anoles looking for an opportune meal of the insects.

The Seminole Indians used it for skin itch.  Current research indicates some anaelgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.  Other folk medicine use outside the US document use for insect bites and stings (west Bengal, India) and as an anti-coagulant.  There is continuing pharmacological tests on the plant to determine its medical applications.