Swamp Sweetbells, Sweetbells, Swam Doghobble

Eubotrys racemosa
Shrub, Perennial
Blooming: March, April, May, white

Attractive to bees.  Some sources note toxity to cattle, hence the name Calf-kill.
Location: N30 00.o94′ W084 33.343′ (1.2RL), N30 00.367′ W084 33.527′ (1.8RL),  N30 00.364′ W084 33.626′ (2RL), N30 00.353′ W084 33.666′ (2.3RR)

In 2013 the flowers were bloomed out by May, having a bloom period which did not extend as long as in two prior years.