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Yucca flaccida (or filamentosa)

Forb/Herb, perennial

Native, L 48, C

The leaves of this variety of yucca is not erect and though often considered Yucca filamentosa, some sources suggest that it might be a species unto itself, flaccida.

It is a member of the Asparagaceae family and the young blossom shoots look like asparagus shoots.


Diodia virginiana L.


Native L 48

Blooming:  September, October, white

Location:  Nick’s Road primitive camp site (3.75 RR upstream from Womack Creek campground landing), good take-out

P1050350Callicarpa americana L.


Native L 48

Blooming:   white

Location:  Nick’s Road primitive camp site (take-out on RR 3.7 miles north (upriver) from  Womack Creek  campground landing

These seeds were photographed on September 26, 2013.   Blooming times indicated only if we have seen the plant bloom.


Elphantopus carolinianus Raeusch.


Native: L 48

Blooming:  September, October, purplish white

Location:  Nick’s Road Primitive Camp site (take-out on RR)

P1020157Lyonia lucida

Shrub; perennial

Native: L48

Blooming:  April, white

Location:  Womack Creek Campground

Not to be confused with Eubotrys racemosa, swamp sweetbells, which grows profusely along the creek.

If soil is poor in nutrition, it will not bloom.  It has seeds, but it propagates mainly vegetatively, asexual reproduction such as by shoots, leaves or rhizomes.

Visited by butterflies and bees for nectar.

P1020154-003Polygala nana (Michx.) DC

Forb/herb, annual

Native: L 48

Blooming:  April, yellow

Location:  Womack Creek Campground

P1020268Hypoxis curtissii

Fort/herb; perennial

Native: L48

Blooming:  April, May, yellow

Location:  landing, Womack Creek Campground

P1020770Phyla nodiflora

Forb/herb; perennial

Native: L 48, PR, VI

Blooming:  April, May, June, purple

Location:  Landing, Womack Creek Campground

P1010287Hypericum microsepalum

sub-shrub; perennial

Native: L 48

Blooming:   February, March, yellow

Location:  Boat landing and camp site areas

This is one of the earliest spring flowers in Tate’s Hell and one of the earliest blooming species of Hypericum.  Stands of these plants line the sandy forest roads throughout this state forest.

P1010348Hypoxis curtissii Rose

Forb/herb; perennial

Native: L 48

Blooming: May, yellow

Location:  Womack Creek boat landing